Archives and Laboratories

Historical Archives, Photographic Archives and Drawings Archives

Historical Archives

Hold administrative documents produced since 1891, when the Regional Office for Monument Preservation was founded. They also hold some documents pertaining to restoration projects carried out earlier by the Provincial Office for Public Works.

The archives are open to those conducting research who first make an appointment with the Director: Dr. Annalisa Bristot. E-mail:

Drawings Archives

Hold graphic images produced by the Office from the time it was founded up to the present. These have been created using a variety of techniques and mediums, and they are mostly related to restorations of religious and civil buildings throughout Venice’s territory.

Under the direction of Dr. Grazia Fumo, the Archives are open to researchers upon request by appointment. E-mail:

Photographic Archives

Headed by Dr. Grazia Fumo, the Archives contain a body of photographic documentation undertaken by the Office from the time it was founded during the last decade of the nineteenth century up to the present and comprises a diverse array of activities: restoration work, procedures leading to a building’s classification as an officially-recognized historic site, preservation activities, and special shows and events.

Upon request the archives are open to scholars Wednesdays from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM or by appointment. Photographic Archives E-mail:

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